Playground Flooring

Playflex rubber playground flooring

Playflex playground rubber flooring

Playflex™ rubber safety tiles are designed to attenuate the shock of a child falling from a designated height. Homogeneous recycled and synthetic rubber construction that produces a resilient, durable, environmentally safety surface designed to reduce the risk of injury. Available in several models & sizes supplied in a terrific color range to suit any private or public environment. They are fully elastic, weather proof, water permeable, frost proof, durable and slip resistant.

Safety for playground surfaces is paramount. Hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or soil are dangerous because a child’s head striking either can suffer brain damage, permanent disability or even death.

Gravel, sand and wood chips offer more protection but they produce problems of their own requiring constant maintenance, sanitation risks and a greater danger for eye injuries or accidental ingestion during play.




Rubber flooring for playground areas

Playflex™ rubber safety tiles are a terrific alternative to these traditional surfaces. Playflex™ rubber play tiles are engineered to provide optimum shock attenuation and slip resistance thereby providing a safer surface. As well as being cost effective, little maintenance is required and they are easily installed.

Because of our supplier’s versatile design flexibility, different play tiles can be supplied depending on whether the sub-surface is hard, like concrete or asphalt, or “soft” like compacted sand or gravel. We can assist you with your choice.

The Playflex™ rubber safety tile program is further complemented with unique accessories such as ramped edges, outside and inside ramp corner pieces, handicapped ramps (that exceed ADA requirements), sand boxes and protective curbing.

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