Sports, equine, ballistic, commercial and playground flooring.

Sports Flooring

Rubber Flooring Solutions rubber sports flooring is fitting for both recreational and professional sports applications.

Barn Aisle and Stall Flooring

We sell a superior line of safe, natural and low-priced rubber flooring for your barn aisle, stalls and paddocks.

Ballistic Rubber Flooring

Our ballistic flooring includes rubber tiles, blocks and sheets used by the military, law enforcement and civilians.

Commercial Rubber Flooring

Our commercial rubber flooring is used in public entrances, offices, walkways and retail stores.

Playground Flooring

The playground flooring we carry is designed to reduce the risk of injury, providing safe private and public play areas.

Hundreds of styles, thicknesses and colors for any application!

What We Stand For

At Rubber Flooring Solutions, we are proud to carry a vast selection of fully recycled and recyclable rubber flooring products.

Quality - It's What We Sell

Rubber Flooring Solutions represents the premier manufacturer of high quality resilient flooring products suitable for the architectural, recreational and sports surfacing markets.

For Architects and Contractors

For your convenience, we offer downloadable documents, such as specs and installation instructions, for all of the rubber flooring products that we carry.
It is our goal to provide our clients with quality rubber flooring at a competitive price through an easy to use and well designed website. Our rubber flooring is durable enough to withstand the most demanding environments including commercial gyms and large scale weight rooms, yet is easy enough to install and maintain. We offer a huge range of colors and thicknesses for sports flooring, equine flooring, ballistic rubber, commercial flooring and playground flooring.
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